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Pelagic Risk Services is a family owned and operated business with over 50 years’ experience in general insurance broking.

We have offices at both The Spit, Middle Harbour and Miranda which allows us to provide local “face to face” personal advice and outstanding claims service to a wide variety of business and professional clientele.

We specialise in all areas of business insurance and have a particular expertise in the marine industry.


Our Team

Marcus Carr

Marcus Carr

Marcus has over 7 years experience in general insurance and specialises in providing personal advice to businesses on how to identify risks and adequately cover their assets and liabilities.

With access to over 100 insurer markets, Marcus is able to recommend the best insurance solution and importantly provide exceptional personal claims service.

Marcus holds a Diploma of Insurance Broking.

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Ian Carr

Ian Carr

Ian has worked in the insurance broking industry for over 45 years. His extensive experience includes numerous senior positions such as State Manager, General Manager and Director, Operations for a major national insurance broker in Australia. Ian founded Insurance Advisernet in 1996 and under his stewardship IA has grown spectacularly to be one of the largest general insurance brokerages in Australia and New Zealand with premiums >$700 million and revenues >$100 million. He holds an Advanced Diploma Financial Services (Broking) and is a Fellow of NIBA, MAICD.

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Our Commitment

As your appointed insurance advisers, Pelagic Risk Services commits to:

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Provide personalised risk and insurance services at all times
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Conduct an analysis of your risk/needs and advise our recommendations on the correct covers required to protect your assets and liabilities
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Recommend the appropriate Insurer to match the risk
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Only recommend financially secure and stable Insurers
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Provide alternatives on your risk retention through various excess options
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Provide alternatives to pay premiums in monthly instalments
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Prompt and timely servicing of your account to ensure you are adequately informed of issues that may affect your business
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Be your trusted advocate in the event of claim

Industry Expertise

professional indemnity insurance

Professional Indemnity

If you or your business is within an industry that services information or advisement you are at risk of providing your clients with incorrect or ineffective information. In order to protect your business and your income from losses, professional indemnity is one of best covers for investment. A range of industries are eligible and recommended to purchase professional indemnity insurance including professionals, media professionals, real estate professionals, charity groups and even leisure professionals. Professional indemnity insurance is a type of cover that specifically protects you and your business against claims made by clients of negligence, malpractice, misconduct or breach of duty. Often these claims become a legal issue which, become costly and results in financial loss for the business. Each industry has unique set of risks; therefore, there are unique insurance plans to mitigate them. Professionals such as accountants require professional indemnity insurance in order to specifically provide protection for risks such as damages to third parties from breach of professional duty or omission. Real estate professional indemnity insurance provides financial protection and legal for agents that provide misleading or false information to clients or omit information that leads to emotional, physical or financial losses. Protect you, your business and your income, both financially and legally through professional indemnity insurance.


business insurance

Business Insurance

Business insurance will protect your company from all potential loss or unexpected events that could occur through regular business hours. Insurance options for different businesses can include a range of covers such as property damage, legal liability and employee related risks. To ensure your cover is the correct one for your business is the location of your business and the type of business you operate amongst other necessary needs that need to be considered to fine the most comprehensive option. Concerns for your business such as theft, machinery breakdown, public liability or deterioration can be covered by available policies. However, one of the most important policies you should have in place is public liability, particularly if you do not have a premise and deliver services to customer. This policy will ensure you’re covered for any third-party claims of negligence or a result of a business activities. For an example, costs such as medical bills, legal representation and damages can be compensated to a maximum limit. Without having the correct business insurance coverage, companies can suffer from major issues such as financial, legal and managerial issues. These issues can potentially result in interrupting regular business flow and can even impact the business’ future.


marine hull insurance

Marine Insurance

Marine industry insurance is a policy which is crucial to a company in order for their ships, boats and cargo are covered in any accident that may happen while in transit from port to port. The marine industry is one of the most unpredictable industries to be in, as you are at a constant risk of being in choppy waters, hurricanes or typhoons. An additional risk that that is covered by marine industry insurance is the possibility of piracy and cross border shootouts which may occur while travelling through international waters. A vessel’s captain has strict protocols which they must adhere to in order for the vessel to be completely covered by insurance. The captain must keep to the route and scheduling otherwise if the vessel was involved in an accident, the vessel and cargo onboard will be ineligible for any insurance claims. The marine industry insurance policy have four additional covers such as cargo insurance, hull insurance, liability insurance and freight insurance. Cargo insurance ensures the cargo on-board the ship is covered if an incident has occurred and the cargo has been stolen or lost. Hull insurance provides cover to the main body of the vessel as well as the items on-board such as furniture. One of the most popular insurances to have is liability insurance, this insurance type will ensure the vessel is covered in the case it has been involved in a collision or accident with another ship. The last insurance type you should have is freight insurance, this policy will protect the owner of the vessel and the company from any potential financial losses in the case an accident has occurred. The marine industry insurance policy is a crucial part of your business, because in order for you to complete the contract you have to face the uncertainty of. This insurance will protect yourself, your vessel, crew and cargo from all unexpected events.


liability insurance

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is an important aspect of owning and operating a business as there a lot of things that can go drastically wrong, a smart business decision would be to have liability insurance as a policy as it will financially protect you in the event someone has found you negligent of the condition of your property which has caused a person to be injured or killed, suffered damaged or destroyed property from your negligence. There a few insurance policies you can put in place to further protect yourself in the case of an accident such as public liability, professional indemnity, product liability. Public Liability insurance will ensure a person, business, event, contractor etc. are covered from costs they will encounter from legal action if they have been found liable for damage of property, loss, injury or death as a result of their negligence. Professional indemnity insurance protects you from any legal action taken against you if a person has claimed they have suffered a loss from your services or advice. Product liability is very important to a manufacturing, distribution and importing business as it will cover you from any damage or injury you have caused another person or business by your product or service.

We are aware that owning and operating a business can sometimes be a risky thing to do as it is full of unexpected risks but having the correct insurance plan will financially protect you in the short and long-term.


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Products & Services

business interruption

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance is designed to cover the shortfall in gross profits caused by the interruption to your business after a disaster or another type of insured event that forces you to close your doors for an extended period of time. It effectively returns your business to the same financial position it was in before the event occurred, allowing the quickest possible resumption of normal business.

business insurance

Business Insurance

Having adequate general insurance cover is one of the most fundamental parts of being in business, as it provides invaluable protection against a range of risk events – from equipment and assets to legal liability – reducing financial uncertainty and protecting your livelihood and that of your workforce. Insurance companies provide a wide variety of general business insurance policies so it’s essential to get the right one for your needs.

contract works insurance

Contract Works Insurance

You need contract works insurance in place before a peg is put into the ground. Many things can go wrong where building works are involved, whether that be at excavation or even completion stage of any project. This insurance is designed specially to provide any physical and related party liability damage as well as loss of building materials, fire and malicious damage.

cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance

As digital technology has become more and more inseparable from the operations of most businesses, having cyber insurance has become more and more important. As with any insurance, there are many different types and levels of cyber cover available. We’ll work with you to identify the best way to manage the risks related to a data breach in your business and mitigate the potentially crippling costs that could result from such a breach.

directors managers insurance

Directors & Officers / Management Liability Insurance

If you have a small to medium sized private company, you could be protected by a policy that covers claims from a wide range of management liabilities, such as; directors and officers liability, company reimbursement, company liability and employment practice liability.

marine hull insurance

Marine & Hull Insurance

Marine insurance is designed to provide piece of mind, whether you have a pleasure craft that requires insurance or if you are moving cargo across water, land or air. Marine transit covers provides point-to-point coverage between your premises and those of your customers.

motor insurance

Motor Insurance / Commercial / Heavy Motor Insurance

One of the more common types of business cover, motor/vehicle insurance protects your business fleet against costs arising from theft and accidents. Your policy can be tailored to include a range of commercial vehicles from cars and motorbikes to vans, trucks and even buses and heavy motor vehicles.

plant equipment insurance

Plant & Equipment Insurance

If you have mobile plant and equipment, we can arrange to ensure this plant and equipment is properly insured to protect both the equipment but importantly also the liabilities associated with its use. This product is designed to cover the smallest earthmoving machine though to the largest fixed or mobile crane as examples.

professional indemnity insurance

Professional Indemnity

You always endeavour to provide the very best services and advice you can. Regardless, the threat of claims and litigation is very real in 21st Century Australian business and can potentially bankrupt a business. This is why if your business provides any kind of professional services and/or advice you should strongly consider having professional indemnity insurance. A highly specialised type of insurance, it protects you and your business against customer claims of alleged negligence or a breach of duty arising from an action or error made in the provision of your professional services.

property insurance

Property Insurance

A must if you have one or more business premises, property insurance provides financial protection in the event they are damaged or destroyed in a one-off event. By ensuring the structures you rely on are adequately covered, the financial cost of recovering and/or rebuilding won’t put you out of business.

strata insurance

Strata Insurance

Strata insurance provides peace of mind to body corporates by insuring common property and contents under the management of the strata or body corporate association.

home contents insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

If you run your business predominantly from home it’s important to be aware your existing home and contents insurance may not cover your business activities or equipment in the event you need to make a claim

liability insurance

Liability Insurance

Despite a business’ best intentions sometimes accidents still happen. Product liability insurance protects against claims of personal injury or third party property damage caused by products that have been manufactured, sold or supplied by your business. In particular it can help to cover the potentially significant costs associated with legal and court costs.

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    The personal touch sits at the heart of everything we do, and always will. That said, Pelagic Risk Services is also proud to be an Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet, a network of more than 210 insurance advisers across Australia and New Zealand. Insurance Advisernet is a principal member of the National Insurance Brokers Association and the largest member of the publicly-listed AUB Group – one of the leading general insurance broking groups in Australasia with over 450,000 clients. This relationship gives Pelagic Risk Services access to unrivalled financial strength, business efficiencies and buying power that spans every major insurer in Australia and New Zealand, even access to major overseas insurers when required.

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    Pelagic Risk Services is an Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet Pty Ltd. Founded in 1996 Insurance Advisernet operates in both Australia and New Zealand, delivering strength that allows Pelagic Risk Services the benefit of maintaining its local presence whilst also being part of a national group for the products and services needed by our customers in today’s increasingly complex business world.

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